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Making first contact is usually the biggest challenge for many of us. It's amazing what a difference a targeted ad well prepared phone call can make to establishing understanding and qualifying a lead.

You're able to find out a great deal before you meet and greatly increase the chance of a positive first impression with professional and experienced telemarketing.

Some telemarketing campaigns require varying reserves of people and technology. Versallion has both available at short notice so you can be confident of your needs being met without the logistical or financial burden of doing it yourself.


A telephone call is usually the first time someone experiences your company, and first impressions last. The right perception is crucial to successful relations and long-term business growth.

Person to person contact must be handled with care - with an experienced and intuitive approach. Versallion campaigns are fully role-played and scripted before calling commences to ensure the best approaches are employed.

Versallion's brand sensitive telemarketing staff are all of graduate calibre and work with the close direction of an Account Director who ensures each project is conducted methodically and with brand integrity.


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