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Having served on both sides of the client-agency relationship, Versallion's staff understand how to make your life easier and your prospects' understanding of you clearer and more enticing.

Versallion assigns a designated Account Manager to each client so you know exactly who to speak to. Unlike some agencies, you can be assured they are completely on top of your campaigns.

Versallion believes in strong, proactive, high-visibility communication - helping you achieve your campaign and internal objectives. Marketing resourcing is changing to higher-visibility, less stressful campaign management.


Marketing communications has been about sourcing separate suppliers for separate media. One would source a print supplier for stationary and brochures; an Internet design company for your web presence; and a direct mail specialist for your lead generation.

This model has many holes, not least of which is the need to impress upon each of the these suppliers your own corporate guidelines and campaign brief. The holistic and integrated approach to marketing - with direct mail driving the Internet response which in turn drives the fulfilment pack - is all too often hampered simply because the designer doesn't understand the printer who doesn't understand the Internet designer who doesn't understand direct mail.

Many companies end up with disjointed and ineffective campaigns that are hard work to manage and result in unnecessary stress. Versallion avoids this by managing the suppliers itself if it is not done solely within Versallion.

You benefit from Versallion's accountability, high-visibility and good reporting, saving time and distractions in the process - but still enjoying the glory.