l Lead Generating Event Creation
l Venue Sourcing and Organisation
l Collateral Creation
l Mailing and Confirmation

Events can be a very effective element in a lead generation campaign. However, Planning, organising and running an event, as well as its promotion can be lots of work work.

Versallion uses its continued experience in this field to take care of the event for you so you can focus on your core activities. Versallion can maximise the attendance levels, appropriateness and seniority of attendance by scoping-out the appropriate attendee profile and employing strategic telemarketing and recontact.


Versallion has generated sales leads by identifying interest in products and services and then providing the necessary ground work for pre or post-event conversion of opportunities.

Versallion can also manage awareness and invitation mailing, and the creation of promotional material, name badges, signs and other attendance collateral.