l Email Address Building and List Rental
l Creation of Lead Generating Emails
l Process Creation for Viral and Permission
l Email Fulfilment and Response Management
l Web Site and Page Creation

It is estimated that the number of commercial emails will grow to an amazing 300 billion a year. As with any rapidly expanding medium, businesses are confronted with increasing technical and logistical challenges but the use of email and web sites is now essential to winning new business.

Versallion overcomes these challenges by applying its knowledge and experience about what it is, how it works and the best way to use it in how to win new business.


Email is the most versatile channel in existence today for direct communication between you and your customers.

Email marketing, used effectively, can build relationships, create brand awareness, generate leads and sell your products and services.

The main difference between email marketing and traditional direct marketing is the costs of producing, it and the results it delivers.


An email campaign typically costs less than half, and produces 2-3 times the return on investment , of traditional direct mail.

It has the added value of being more time sensitive - returning a response within 8 hours rather than 8 weeks. It also enables niche marketing, tailored to the right person in a particular job function in a particular sector, further increasing the effectiveness of your marketing spend - something Versallion excels at.