l Market Definition and Segmentation
l List Selling and Broking
l List Cleaning, Building and Enhancement
l Database Management and Organisation


Versallion's success in realising value from its clients' databases has come from its application of a clearly explained, proven, methodical approach.

Versallion has had great successes in turning its client's dilapidated databases into revenue generating tools engines - growing market share and customer retention.



Versallion supplies lists of organisations and contacts with complete and up-to-date details enabling you to identify and then contact every potential customer.

Versallion's databases are tailored to the needs of each client and are regularly verified and enhanced so to achieve the best response rates in the business. Unlike unsuccessful campaigns, we get the data right before getting excited about the sexy creative.

Versallion's clients have saved money while improving the performance of campaigns. Whether you need to create a database, add new data to an existing database, or have data cleaned and audited, Versallion will deliver an affordable world-class solution.

Information is the most sought after commodity in business today. Data influences what your target audience buys, when they buy it, how much of it they buy, and the frequency at which they buy it. It enables you to contact the right person at the right time with the right proposition.

Successful marketing campaigns start with data. If this is neglected, poor quality or poorly managed, then even the best marketing ideas will be failures. It is all too common to find the wrong organisations and contacts being contacted, out of date addresses and inaccurate name spellings, and inappropriate sectors being contacted at the wrong time with the wrong proposition.