Versallion Marketing is a company built on a belief in the potential of people, ideas and situations. We have a passionate philosophy: we have one life and one chance to shine. Communication is the key and we believe in realising the capability of people and organisations to communicate effectively.

Founded in 2001 with just two employees, within a year the agency had grown to nine staff and a client base of some of the world's largest corporations.

We realise that through intuitive and inspiring communication, people and organisations can overcome the obstacles to convincing the rest of the world of their proposition.

We focus on quality, and that creates the
quantity - connecting with the individual and realising the common interest between their needs and your solution.

After a career with BAE Systems plc and Capgemini plc, Mark Versallion founded the company in February 2001 in London and Minneapolis. After ten years as Managing Director he handed over operational control and became Company Chairman in 2011, to enter politics full-time.


Talented people

Effective methodologies

World-class ideas


Company founder
Mark Versallion